About Offshore Wind

Offshore wind power will enable Japan to produce renewable energy on a massive scale domestically through the installation of offshore wind turbines right off the coast or further out in the sea. Japan has the world’s sixth*1 largest sea space, making it well-positioned to become a world-leader in offshore wind energy production. The country’s long-term potential for offshore wind energy is estimated to be around 1,100 GW, equivalent to 6.5 times the total amount of installed thermal power generation in Japan, and 33 times the existing nuclear power generation in our country*2.

Offshore wind power is considered a future key player by the Japanese Government in the country’s energy mix as mass introduction, lower prices, and economic ripple effect can be expected. That’s why Japan has set clear offshore wind targets of 10GW by 2030 and 30-45GW by 2040 as the country seeks to decarbonise and achieve greater energy independence. The targets are backed by a commitment to run regular offshore wind auctions for support. At SSE Pacifico, we are committed to developing, constructing and operating offshore wind projects in the seas around Japan, thereby helping Japan achieve its renewable energy targets.

*1 The number includes exclusive economic zone.
*2 Ministry of the Environment https://www.renewable-energy-potential.env.go.jp/RenewableEnergy/doc/gaiyou3.pdf (Japanese)

Offshore wind power generation has significant advantages compared to onshore wind power generation.

  • Offshore wind speeds tend to be stronger and steadier than on land thereby generate stable and efficient energy
  • The lack of land and road restrictions allows for the installation of larger scale wind turbines, meaning more capacity with fewer turbines
  • The impact on landscape and potential noise pollution is lessened as offshore wind turbines are further out at sea

Offshore wind power is poised to become the leading renewables technology in the world energy market and  the global offshore wind market has grown significantly in the past few years. Europe has so far led the way in encouraging the expansion of offshore wind generation, leading to a reduction in the cost of delivery of offshore wind power. As international interest maintains, offshore wind energy prices is expected to continue to fall in Japan.

For Japan, an island country surrounded by the sea, the promotion of offshore wind power generation is extremely important. Not only will the delivery of large-scale offshore wind energy in Japan help combat the effects of climate change and support Japan’s energy independence and self-sufficiency, but it will also increase the supply of renewable energy in Japan’s energy mix while contributing to economic development, creating sustainable jobs and supporting local communities.

SSE Pacifico will continue to develop offshore wind farms to promote the widespread adoption and sustainable use of clean and efficient energy.