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Message from the COO

26 Aug 2022

As the COO in charge of overseeing the development of our offshore wind projects at SSE Pacifico, I would like to talk about our team’s strengths in promoting development.

Our parent company, SSE Renewables, is one of the world's leading developers and operators of offshore wind, currently constructing more offshore capacity than any other company in the world. Pacifico Energy, our 20% shareholder, is one of Japan’s largest renewable energy development companies and the largest developer of solar power generation in Japan.

At SSE Pacifico, we are combining SSE Renewables’ technical and delivery expertise in offshore wind projects with Pacifico Energy’s knowledge of how to approach developing renewable energy projects in Japan, in particular the ability to work effectively with local communities and stakeholders adjacent to our projects. Our approach of going to the site, talking directly to the people involved, and building trust while developing the project has been handed down from Pacifico Energy, the creator of our offshore wind business, and we will not change this approach in the future.

At SSE Pacifico, we believe we are building the right team with the right culture to succeed with helping Japan achieve its ambitious decarbonisation targets. SSE Pacifico is run by professionals with a wide range of experience in development, design, construction, commercial affairs, communications and management. Our current team come from a wide range of backgrounds, including trading companies, construction, consultancy, finance and IT. We are keen to attract people into our team with a passion for renewable projects and a positive can do attitude which will help our multi-disciplinary and multi-national team grow into a success story for Japan. We are keen to encourage diversity within our team as we strongly believe that this will play a major part in our future success.

If you share the same passion, why don’t you join us?

Dai Karasawa
Executive Vice President and COO 
SSE Pacifico K.K.